Tuesday, August 25, 2009

we were on... hiatus.

after the cd release party of noise, my friends & i shot this video. it was an unplanned thing that was made possible by some badass cameras, generous friends, and great locations.

years had literally gone by and yesterday i received a package in the mail. it was from maggie. she had done it! she had sifted through thousands of images, laid them out, found an idea, and put it all together.

it's our first ever video and i hope you enjoy it!


special shout outs to maggie and marion. thank you always for lending your talents so freely and with love.

more thanks:

the chicago crew:
gabe, moby, anna, adam, & carlos.

the delfins for loaning us their house and piano. pimp!


  1. Imelda,

    It's Mike Spano. That video was awesome. As was the song! :)

  2. Great song love the song!!!! Awsome video!!!

    Polo N.

  3. Amazing video...Imelda you sounded beautiful as always! The ferris wheel! (awww....so cute). -emory