Thursday, February 25, 2010

fear does not exist in this dojo, does it? well, maybe a little...

i tell myself to imagine its a home video because if there's anything to know about me its that i love home videos. i have a reputation for filming my family whilst pulling a prank. who doesn't love to see their mom freak out from joy and watch it over and over on the good old high 8?

but filming myself play music is whole other thing and posting it on the interwebs is that whole other thing's possibly mean brother. have you ever read the comments people post on youtube? good job, ugly, nice, waste of time, you're fat, i want to F$%* you, no one wants to F$%* you - it all gets mingled together.

for a couple of months now my friend roger and i have been getting together to play music. because we could only get together a few times, we filmed our practices as a way to remember how the songs were arranged. roger is a fearless little bugger and shared the videos with ease. i want to be like roger when i grow up.

anyway, we've been trying to get together more often as we gots a gig in less than month. Patience Gloria was nice enough to ask me to join them as they headline at The Double Door! it was in the works for a while but now it's actually solid:

normally i would do a piss-poor job of promoting a gig but Patience Gloria deserves better. i've always wanted to play at the Double Door and so i'm grateful to those guys for making it happen. the least i can do is spread the word.

don't you want to hear the stuff roger and i have been working on? we're even bringing out the Rhodes that we used for onscreen romance! i hope you guys can make it out. it would be fantastic to get a great crowd. til then...

the gig is on tuesday, march 23rd. doors open at 8 and the show starts at 9. i believe we're can purchase your $5. tickets here:

hoping to see you,