Thursday, August 26, 2010

gig announcement : friday, september 3rd at the mayne stage!

i got asked to open for catherine feeny & rachele eve! it's my first time at the mayne stage and so i googled some images. uhm, this place is huge! according to their website, it seats 299 people! say what?

i've had a couple of gigs since last posting. yes, i know, i didn't write about it. but i swear there is progress. after each gig i walked around, spoke to some peeps, passed out postcards and even sold cds. if that's not schmoozing then i don't know what is!

roger will be joining me and so will the rhodes! each time we've gotten together to practice, i get more excited for the gig. roger tells me it's a great space with incredible sound. hopefully we can get a good crowd and everyone can enjoy the all lady line-up. who doesn't want an all lady line-up?

you can purchase tickets here. we hit the stage at 8:30.

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